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ReOrienting the Veil Film Series (Spring 2013)

Thursday, January 31, 7 pm
Varsity Theater, Franklin Street, Chapel Hill

“Turkey’s Tigers.” This PBS Wide Angle documentary looks at Tekbir (the veiling fashion industry giant) and Ipekyol (another apparel company that produces a diversity of veiling styles). Discussion led by Dr. Banu Gökariksel (UNC Geography).

Tuesday, February 19,  5-7 pm
Auditorium, FedEx Global Education Center, UNC

 “Je porte le voile” [I wear the veil], a documentary about Muslim women’s veiling in Quebec (Canada) by Natasha Ivisic and Yannick Letourneau. Discussion led by Dr. Dominique Fisher (UNC Romance Languages).

Thursday, April 2,  5-7 pm
Toy Lounge, Dey Hall, UNC

“Covered: The Hejab in Cairo.” Produced and directed by Tania Kamal-Eldin (25 min) and “Benaat Chicago [Daughters of Chicago]: Growing up Arab and Female in Chicago.” Directed by Jennifer Bing-Canar and Mary Zerkel (30 min). Discussion led by Ms. Angela Ritter (Ph.D student, French, UNC).

Tuesday, April 9,  7 pm
Varsity Theater, Franklin Street, Chapel Hill

“Cairo 678.” Directed by Mohamed Diab (2010). Three Cairene women from different backgrounds join together in uneasy solidarity to combat sexual harassment in their lives. Discussion led by Dr. Sahar Amer (UNC Asian Studies).


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