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Goals of this site

ReOrienting the Veil invites you on a journey that explores Islamic veiling practices in transnational contexts and from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The site has multiple entry points for educators and students alike who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the nature, meaning and displays of Islamic veiling around the world. Please click on any section from the menu above to get started.

About this site

Veiling in religion

The practice of veiling is not specific to Islam. In fact, Christian and Jewish women, like Amish women, are also required to wear the veil and to dress modestly. What are the similarities and differences between veiling in different religious traditions?

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Veiling around the world

Muslim women from around the world practice veiling in different ways. There is a large range of practices that are all invoked under the same umbrella term “veil” or the Arabic term “hijab.” Learn how veiling is practiced in different countries and how politics, and not religion, determine what Muslim women will wear.

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The veil in photography

Photographers have long cast their lenses to women who wear the veil. Hence it has been depicted in photos in many ways. Some may surprise you. After exploring this section, discuss with your friends the varied interpretations that arise in the world of photography.

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